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Liv & Gabby: Brighter Days Ahead

By: LaMonika Hill

Liv & Gabby: Brighter Days Ahead” is a picture book that follows the story of two cousins who experience the impact of their family member’s depression. As they navigate through this difficult time, they learn valuable lessons and grow stronger together. This story will help children understand how mental illness impacts not just the individual, but an entire family. It sends a message of hope and love, reminding us that through compassion and empathy, we can help those who are struggling in their time of need.

Join Liv & Gabby on their journey of hope, healing, and love. Read the book today and experience the transformational power of empathy and compassion. Let this beautiful story serve as a reminder that brighter days are always ahead, and that we can overcome our struggles with love, support, and understanding.

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"Picture Perfect: Memorable Moments with Liv & Gabby"
Have You Heard About Liv & Gabby?


This is a very well written book about a subject many of us know all too well. It informs children in a developmentally appropriate manner about the
struggles of depression. Brighter Days Ahead illustrates
that although times may be tough- families can thrive with support and love. This book is the first of its kind I've seen, yet it is so necessary.
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